V-Share FAQ Home Page
  • There are a lot of piano resources like DVDs and CDs, or even you can search many related YouTube videos, why v-share?
  • We found that when students practice piano daily, a handled device like iPAD / Tablet is one of the most ideal tools. Usually when students sit in front of a piano, accessing TV or laptop is not convenient, but a handheld device can be easily put on the piano. Searching for videos on YouTube is quite time-consuming, and often most parents, with limited musical knowledge, can’t judge whether the videos searched are good enough.

    All the videos on V-Share are 1080P. When recording, the video and audio are separated. Audio material will be merged with video after professional processing, thus ensuring the quality of video and sound. All songs are played by professional piano teachers with many years’ experience.

    Most channels are recorded first, hands together at regular speed and then slowly, hands separately. Anyone can learn many songs even if they don’t read notes. When students watch the slow speed, hands separate video; they can easily set a mark anywhere, later they can click 'Play from mark' to play a particular music block repeatedly.
  • What's the device requirement of v-share application?
  • For Apple users
    v-share supports iPad2, iPad3, iPad-mini, iPad-air, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6 plus, with iOS 5 or above.
    To get best user experience, we recommend iPad with retina screen, iOS 7 or above.
    The v-share application also works great on the iPad-mini, which is the most economical choice.

    For Android users
    v-share supports all the android devices running Android 4.2 or above.
    To get best user experience, we recommend Android tablets with 7 or 10 inch screen.
  • What's the network requirement of v-share application?
  • Because all the videos are high definition, a high-speed internet connection with at least 5M/s download speed is required. Simply speaking, if you watch YouTube HD videos on your computer through your network without issues, your network is OK.
  • Can I install v-share application on another device to share the same user id and password to access video resources?
  • Unfortunately no. Based on our agreement with our piano teachers, v-share works on a one device one account' policy. If you want to switch devices, please email us a change request from your registered email (your user ID). After verifying your information, we will reset your device binding. Later when you the first login to v-share with the new device, your account will be automatically linked to it. After that, the old device will no longer be able to access v-share videos. Usually the process of the 'switch device' request will take no more than 2 business days. It’s free of charge, however, please be advised that one account can only switch device no more than 5 times per year.
  • What if I forget my user id or password?
  • If you forget your user id, please contact us by email, in this case some information on your payment receipt sent from PayPal.like transaction id, payment amount and payment date, will be required.

    If you forget your password, please email us your 'reset password' request from your registered email (your user id).

    After we verify your information, we will proceed with the process of resetting your user id or password.
  • I am a piano teacher, how can I play v-share videos on a TV or LCD/LED Monitor in the classroom?
  • First, you need a TV or LCD/LED monitor with HDMI input.

    Secondly, connect your iPad/iPhone or Android device to TV or monitor with HDMI adapter and HDMI cable.

    For iPad/iPhone users, please watch the video below:

    For Android users, if your phone or tablet has a HDMI output, you can use a proper HDMI cable to connect to TV/Monitor directly, if your device has no HDMI output, you can use a MHL adapter to connect to TV/Monitor, please visit the link below: