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Jeff King

Jeff King has been teaching piano for over 25 years. he has been doing it full time for about 11 years. Jeff King has earned his license as a SIMPLY MUSIC instructor about 6 years ago. He incorporate many piano instruction methods in his teaching.

Jeff King's musical experience has been rich and varied. He is a graduate of THE ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC in Toronto. He also studied Jazz, Keyboard Harmony and Improvisation at THE NEW SCHOOL OF MUSIC.

Jeff King became a professional musician as a keyboard player in a top 40 band. He went on to have a solo career as a lounge piano player in several restaurants.

Composing songs has always been a passion for him. He was hired as resident composer and lyricist for the LEAH POSLUN’S THEATER SCHOOL, where he worked for 6 years.

Jeff King enjoyed a career as a children’s musical performer for many years. He recorded several albums of original children’s songs.He also owned and operated his own talent agency called TROUBADORS UNLIMITED. There he composed music for many corporate shows. Jeff King joined V-Share team in 2013.

Carlisle Beresford

Carlisle Beresford was born into a musical family and began instrumental studies at the age of three. His early upbringing was musically diverse, singing regularly as a chorister and playing cello in youth orchestra in addition to his primary studies on the piano. He began lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music at the age of twelve. Following the completion of his ARCT in Piano Performance, Carlisle began studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with Professor Fali Pavri, where he began to develop a keen interest in duet-playing and composition. Together with his partner, Pearl-Lynne Chen, he won the Conservatoire’s internal competition for piano-ensemble, playing four-hands, one piano. The following year, working with a violinist, Carlisle won the Conservatoire’s prize for chamber music, and later, its largest internal competition for solo-playing, the Bamber-Galloway Competition. He performed an all-Chopin recital at Glasgow City Halls as part of the Portrait of the Composer Series to critical acclaim. During his final year at the RCS, Carlisle won the Governor’s Award for Piano, and performed recitals in Edinburgh, London and Bath.

Since returning to Toronto, Carlisle has broadened his musical horizons. In addition to his exploration of the solo piano literature, he specializes in performing piano arrangements orchestral music with his partner, Pearl, in both the duet and duo formats. Together they have performed symphonies by Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Rachmaninoff, as well as standards taken from the more traditional duet and two-piano repertoire. Recently, Carlisle and Pearl won first prize at the North West International Piano Ensemble Competition, in Vancouver, BC, playing as a duet. Aside from the piano, Carlisle plays the recorder, the cello, and the harpsichord. In addition to his work as an interpreter, Carlisle continues to develop his portfolio of compositions, which reflect his deep respect for the contrapuntal exploration of the tonal centre. He teaches music privately in Markham, and became part of the V-Share team in 2014.

Oscar Morzsa

Oscar Morzsa has a Master of Music degree in both performance and teaching from the prestigious Franz Liszt University of Music in Budapest-Hungary. With the scholarship by Van Cliburn he has also studied at the Texas Christian University (TCU) on the Artist Diploma Program with Dr. Tamas Ungar.

He has been awarded on several international piano competitions: Nena Plant Piano Competition Shreveport 1st pize; Hemphil - Wells Sorantin Competition - San Angelo 1st prize in the piano section and Grand prize; International Piano Competition - Senigallia, Italy 2nd prize; Dohnányi Piano Competition - Budapest 2nd prize; International Piano Competition for Young Pianists –Usti nad Labem 3rd Prize. He has given solo recitals, chamber music concerts, made radio, television and CD recordings, and has been a soloist of many symphony orchestras in all over Europe, the United States of America, Canada, South America, and China.

He has been invited to the International Master classes as a music coach to Conservatory of Wien, Ochsenhausen Landesakademie Germany, Hungary, Canada and China. Oscar has been senior assistant professor at the Franz Liszt University of Music in Budapest and guest professor at the Universida Javeriana in Bogota. Since 2007 he moved to Toronto with his wife Eva Lukacs Morzsa soprano and now he is the president of the Oscar School of Music. Since 2008 he is also a music coach of the summer opera program of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Between 2011 and 2014 he is the music director of the Toronto Royal Art Center.

Tony Chen

Having a passion for music at the age of five, Tony Chen has been playing the piano ever since. Coincidentally, he completed RCM Grade 8 and 10 exams at the age of eight and ten respectively. Still not satisfied, two years later he then went on to take on the ARCT Performers. After finishing the theory requirements, Tony finally obtained his long-waited ARCT diploma.

To express his love for music and share his talent with others, Tony volunteers at a senior residential home (Bendale Acres) weekly to play piano for the elderly. This has been an excellent way for him to establish a friendship with them and everyone there looks forward to seeing him every week. Tony plays a wide range of composers such as Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Mozart and more.

When Tony is not busy contributing to the community, he is participating in numerous musical activities throughout his high school. This involves being in four bands at school, including junior, intermediate, senior band, and jazz band. As an experienced percussionist, Tony is familiar with the drum set, timpani, xylophone and other various instruments. This makes him an important role in bands. As a jazz pianist, Tony is skilled in the art of improvisation.

Tony has been involved with many competitions, including CCC, Markham, North York, and Yip’s Music Festival. Examples of his excellent accomplishments include placing first place in ARCT studies.

Tony recently started having his own students and became part of the V-Share team starting in 2014.